A New Super Tall Tower Built Here In The USA

Contribute at least $20 as one of 100 million contributors and it can all be done. The tallest building in the world now cost between one and two billion dollars. It was designed by American Engineers and Architects. For every dollar you contribute you get to help decide on where the building will be located. It can be located on the South Side of Chicago or On the Harlem side of Central Park in Mahattan or elsewhere. The building can house a massive new university. It can be designed by a team of architects and engineers who win your vote in a design competition. The tower can generate a lot of electricity using new technology that combines stack effect and temperature pressure gradient green house effect and also have wind power generators on top of it. It can also house multiple uses including cultural and commercial ones beyond the university. If just a billion dollars is raised it is possible to do . That is only $10 per 100 million people. It can be done. It is experimental to think that this little obsucre website could go viral and paypal can collect the funding as our principal banker. Raising two billion dollars gives the project more autonomy in making decisions and providing raw space for a new University that can be funded by other contributors separately.

Can Americans get together and build a real substantial monument like this with minimal contributions? I think it can be done. A super tall building is not a charity. It is a project with up lifting purpose and a work of art that every one can be a part of knowing you helped build it. First contributors get a one vote in design competitions per dollar contributed and maybe later with a securities registration the contributions will net you ownership of square inches or square ft in the project--No gurantees of that. If there is sufficient interest in contribution it will first be non profit. To achieve this goal we are talking about a tower that is over 3000 ft tall to beat the world's present record hight of the super tall tallest in Dubai.

Please Contribute Now. Lets get building. Thank You.

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